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About Bhumi:


 Bhumi Herbals honors the ancient healing practices of Ayurveda, 

in conjunction with western herbalism and medicine making.

Health is balance ~ of elements, and in tune with nature.

 In this blending of wisdom, the herbs that grow locally are most easily translated by our bodies,

as they are grown in similar elemental conditions.

The medicine of our ancestors are more easily recognizable to our cells.

Therefore, many of our products are made with western herbs, or a combination of herbs from different regions, utilizing Ayurvedic principles.

All our products are made in the most sustainable way possible,

with the most organic, homegrown, and sustainable ingredients available ~ 

with love and respect for the Earth.

Much energy is returned to the earth and herbs by planting more.

Thank you for your care in supporting sustainable herbalism, 

and a healthy planet.

Free Shipping on orders over $100

Sustainable Plant Medicine

Natural Healing

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