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We evolved with herbs. We evolved because of herbs, and they evolved right alongside us. They know how to take information from our environment, about the air, the water, the soil, and turn it into the natural remedy needed for such an environment. They do the same in our bodies.
Our bodies recognize the medicine and information in the cells of the plants we ingest, because the cells in our own bodies are made of the same complex living nutrients and elements. We evolved with these herbs, side by side, and our bodies know them. 
Our ancestors ingested healing plants, and made our bodies with the information these plants carry, just as the herbs themselves, and the intelligence they carry, know how to translate the information in our bodies’ cells, and converse with them about how to help us arrive at a better state of heath - personally and on a planetary level, as well.
As herbs do for the planet, they do for us. As they heal us, they heal the planet also, by giving the same medicine to the planet as a whole through each individual. 

As we humans love, use and plant herbs, we give life and healing to them, while they give life and healing to us. 

As we plant the herbs, we support their lives, and all the lives they support - the lives of birds, bees, animals and humans, as well as the cleansing of water and air, and the nourishment of the soil.  

As we buy well-grown, sustainably crafted, herbal products, we also support this life-giving circuit, the plant-human-planet connection.  
Many humans have lost their connection to the plants and the planet. By connecting again with the plants, we restore our personal balance and health, and also connect to the Earth as a living being that we are a vital part of, which in turn strengthens the Earth as a whole.
Supporting sustainable herbalism supports life on Earth, by supporting and restoring natural herbal ecosystems, as well as the return of this vital plant-human-planet connection.

Bhumi is devoted to sustaining herbalism, both as a practice in healing the humans gently and lovingly, and as many beautiful, thriving, blossoming, blooming gardens, forests, and green paradises of healing on Earth.

With gratitude to the teachers of the ancient ways, and the ancient ones- the plants- themselves, we bow.

About Our Leather
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Everything in life is made up of natural elements.
Dis-ease is brought about by an imbalance of the natural elements, and is eliminated by restoring balance.
Ayurveda is an ancient medical system based on working with the elements of nature and bringing them into balance inside the body.
We utilize an Ayurvedic approach to healing and formulating, bringing elemental balance into each remedy, and each experience, for maximum healing benefits.
We believe that we are vitally connected to the Earth and that our greatest hope for health is in alignment with the health and balance of the Earth.
Sustainable Herbalism is a vital link to a healthy planet, providing healthy medicine, and balance for the eco-system, all in one.

Ayurveda literally means "the study of life." It originated in ancient India and has developed into a complex medical system that has been practiced, developed, and recorded for over 5,000 years.


Ayurveda covers all the aspects of the body and being, as well as their relationship to each other, and to our lives and environments.


These aspects encompass the natural elements of: 

Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth.  


Ayurveda studies the relationships of these natural elements to each other, inside and outside of us.  


The elements are further grouped into what is called Doshas, and these doshas are Vata, Pitta and Kapha.


 Vata represents the elements of space and air, carrying the energy of spirituality, communication, ideas, insight and inspiration. When out of balance, Vata can manifest as fear, anxiety and weakness.


Pitta is fire and water and represents the energy of action, movement, creation, passion, intelligence, artistry and leadership. When out of balance, Pitta can "burn out", get angry, frustrated, explode or implode.


Kapha is made of water and earth, and represents love, nurturing, comfort, rest, holding, solidity and stability. When out of balance, Kapha can get stagnant, depressed and overweight.


As all aspects of life are made of elements, they are also made up of these doshas, which have their physical manifestation, as well as their spiritual or mental/emotional expression.


As the elements balance each other, so do the doshas. Therefore, nature always has at hand, in one form or another,  the perfect balancing energies for our body and being, for any given time.


It begins by knowing ourselves and witnessing our relationships to our lives. From there, well-being turns into an intimate dance between our bodies, our souls, our lives, and our world.


Supporting Bhumi supports the cultivation of healing herbs, and the education of children and adults in the vital inter-dependant nature of our existence, which supports a healthy planet-human relationship.
All Bhumi Herbal products are designed for creating supreme balance and health in our bodies, as well as sustainability for the planet. They are made from the highest quality ingredients available, and are as organic and locally grown as possible, ensuring maximum freshness and vitality.

Thank you for supporting 
sustainable herbalism and vibrant health, for your body and our earth!

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